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We ventured to the San Francisco Zoo…

Our trip back in April fulfilled two wants.

1. To experience the oldest continually operating motel in San Francisco after reading about it in Sunset Magazine. Here is the online version of the article I found in one of their newstand issues called “Top 20 Beach Hotels.” I am a little bit of a hotel snob so staying at a (cough, cough) motel, is not what I usually go for but Sunset Magazine had included it in an article so of course it perked my curiosity. Another plus was the price point and the location.

The Ocean Park Motel is located at 2690 46th Street, San Francisco. This place has a nice charm about it, was clean, and only a block away from the San Francisco Zoo and a couple blocks from Ocean Beach, which by the way is pooch friendly! The quiet neighborhood (if you don’t count the L-Taraval streetcar running down the street every so often) is also pretty safe so we didn’t shy away from heading down to the beach after sundown to let the kids conquer the dunes to get the last bit of energy exhausted before bedtime.

The rooms themselves are pretty minimal, and don’t expect all the amenities of the W Hotel or even a Holiday Inn Express, but it was comfy, clean, and made me feel as if I was back in the year 1936, which by the way, is the year the Ocean Park Motel was built. It was kinda funny to find the fridge in the closet, but it serves it purpose and it’s nice to have that option. We opted for the two room, one bath suite, each room sporting a queen bed, closet, t.v with cable, and a nice view of the garden. For $135 a night and free parking I’d say it was a good choice and I’ll be back for our next trip to the SF Zoo. For more information about the Ocean Park Motel check out their website!



2. Our second reason -To visit the SF Zoo!

It was a great weekend getaway for all of us. We got to explore a part of San Francisco that is not the usual tourist trap, it was educational, relaxing, and we got to have some much needed (and fun) family time, away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.


He has been known to toss around 14 syllable scientific dino names.DSC_0008Awesome. Right off the bat the kids are greeted by the things that they are so passionate about. for Julia it’s all about the cats.

SFIcePlantThe Zoo’s horticulture department does an amazing job at creating an authentic experience with the use of exotic plants intermingled with the native flora.

DSC_0046DSC_0102DSC_0105DSC_0084Erik took the camera to get some shots of the penguins. He loved the fact that this one looks like a headless penguin.DSC_0109Every time she made a deep guttural sound or roar I was grateful for the opportunity to experience her beauty… From the other side of the moat and fence.
DSC_0130DSC_0189It was a little chilly that day. Luckily he could zip up his face AND slurp a slushy.DSC_0227DSC_0232DSC_0153DSC_0263DSC_0284DSC_0316GiraffAll. Most. Got. It……
DSC_0122Too cool for school.DSC_0195DSC_0239PAPERMe: “Erik, pleeeeaaaase unzip your face!”

If you’ve never been to the San Francisco Zoo check out their website, make plans and go! Plan to be there all day, have fun, spend lots of money on food (although once you buy the big slushy refills are free!), and did I say have fun? Bring a jacket and stay at the Ocean Park Motel.