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Wow, I haven’t posted anything in quite a while… 7 MONTHS to be exact! A new job, Rich’s new job and two very active kids have kinda taken over and it has been hard to re-adjust and get into a new groove.

I haven’t taken very many photos over the past half a year +  and that has bummed me out a little bit. I just realized the other day that I didn’t even know where I have stored one of my fave cameras,  my Nikon F1! But it feels as if the ripples in my pond are finally starting to settle and I’m able to day dream a little more and hear a creative voice whispering again.

Yesterday I started going through some of my photo archives (while my kids are sick and in bed) and realized I had takes some photos in the not-so-distant past. Some I hadn’t even shared yet. So over the next few days, and definitely next week while the hubby is away on business, I will take the time to get back on this old horse, my blog.

Below are  a few senior portraits of Kalyn, who is the daughter of dear friends, who recently graduated from High School. Yay, Kalyn! It was really fun to hang out together and share some photo ideas and then try them out. This was my first senior portrait photoshoot and I loved it. Kalyn was energetic, trusting, and not camera shy at all. Tons of fun! Hopefully, I’ll get to do a few more of these!