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I finally got around to taking pictures of my kids this morning. I LOVE the Fall for outdoor photo shoots for it’s bright colors and wonderfully warm light so we headed over to one of our neighborhood parks. Julia really loves to have her picture taken while Erik, as of lately, is a completely different story.  Twice I stated  out loud due to frustration that we were packing up because it obviously was not a good day for pictures. But then Julia would plead for us to stay so we did.  For some reason Erik thought that it was incredibly  fun to trick me every time I took a picture by smiling beautifully or giving me great expressions right up until I clicked the shutter release and then he would instantly change and give me frowns, scary faces, outrageously big eyes, or bring up a stick or toy, or whatever he happen to be holding in front of his face. Every. Time. Luckily my camera has rapid fire shooting so I was able to catch a lot of the in between moments and scary faces.

Capturing a smile