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We spent a few days up on the North Yuba River at my uncle’s cabin and explored this part of  historic Gold Country with the kids. Somehow I had managed to leave my fully charged Nikon camera at home, but at least I still had the camera on my phone to document our visit. During our visit we finally learned the true history of the ECV, which originated in Downieville, Ca, went off roading and climbed to the top of the Henness Pass (elev. 8444) in the Cruiser and maneuvered across the top of a Sierra Buttes ridge , rode bikes at Gold Lake, picked wild blackberries, stood with my family in the middle of a pitch dark county road and watched satellites and falling stars race across the night sky,  fell asleep to the sound of the North Yuba River rushing in the canyon below, and listed to one of the greatest living historians/almanacs, my Uncle Bill.

Gold Lake

Reading the funnies

Henness Pass. The main stage coach and wagon pass for miners and merchants into Goodyears Bar and Downieville, CA

Mountain bikers finish the world famous Packers Saddle mountain bike trail at the far end of the road. Most stop and celebrate the ride by stopping in at the St. Charles Place Pub.

This bedroom is part of the original log cabin.

The new kitchen and living area was added onto the original log cabin in the early 70's.