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A couple days ago I finished the book, “The Art of Racing in the Rain” by Garth Stein. I had picked it up a few days ago because I was needing a “good book fix”, and had heard the title in passing a few times, and knowing it was a New York Times bestseller I thought I would give it a go.  The book was an easy and fast read, it had a good story with a hero that you sympathize for, cheer for, and in my case, cry for.  Enzo, the narrator of this book, is a lab/terrier mix who has so much insight into what it is to be human, to be compassionate, and what it means to truly love, and has so much to say about it that at times you almost think he is human. Following Enzo’s life and the relationship he has with his family through the good times and bad really made me rethink my own relationship with my four legged friend Wiley and reminisce the life and relationship of my past pup, Murray.

Just like Enzo, Murray loved riding in fast cars (and bicycles too when his pads were too soft from swimming all day to run on the road), he loved pancakes, chasing and barking at birds, he loved his children, played with them and made them laugh daily, and he brought great comfort, a calmness, patience, and somehow a human wisdom and kindness in his eyes and easy nudges to those who needed it at just the right time. I still miss that big half lab/half whatever he was….

Murray LOVED to pose for pictures! And he would sit very still until you told him you were done, then he'd jump around and bark till you took another. 🙂