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Hi Everyone!   I have been wanting to do this for quite some time and now I’m sooo excited to offer Fall Mini Sessions at two of the most picturesque locations that California has to offer! Please check out my flyer below and if you’d like to book one of these fabulous sessions please contact me. There are only 3 time slots per session available so I know they will fill quickly.

We are going to have so much fun! I have been daydreaming and planning out themed “sets” if you will, in my head for months now, scribbling and drawing out the details in my notepad, and finally it’s all coming together!

 Daydream 1

Imagine arriving at your photoshoot and  finding yourself  at One of San Francisco’s most famous and stunning beaches. There on the beach waiting for you and your family is a cozy picnic set up with blankets, a picnic basket and refreshments. While the sun is setting, one of the worlds most recognizable landmarks will be the backdrop to one of the most fun and memorable portrait sessions you have ever experienced. Think cool, fresh, salty breezes, sandy toes, cuddling with your honey, a nice bottle of wine, and beautiful sunsets.

Daydream 2

Warm breezes rustle the tall golden grasses around you and take you back to an earlier time when life moved at a slower pace and family was the center of happiness. At this session you will be surrounded by those you love and rustic momentos that have history and an heirloom quality.  Things from this era were sturdy, worn and made to last the test of time, just like the love you share with those closest to you. Imagine lemonade on a warm summer night, the trunk that passed through Ellis Island with your adventurous great-great grandmother, the earthy smell of wholesome, home grown vegetables….