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Lawsons Landing is a privately owned picnic and group camp area that has been a popular place for families for generations. But recently the future of Lawson’s Landing was in question due to the State of California wanting changes in the way the Lawson’s ran their business and requiring changes to be made regarding the way their visitors used the land and how they camped. But recently the California Coastal Commission  has approved a plan which allows for camping to remain at Lawson’s Landing, but in a manner much more structured than in the past. The final details of the plan are still being captured by the Coastal Commission staff, but the bottom line is that they will continue to be there so that you and I can be here too.

Our last trip to Lawson’s Landing was great. As usual we camped with friends, enjoyed adult beverages, the kids played until it was late and too dark to see beyond the camp, and the adults told old stories and laughed together till the embers were all that was left of the campfire.


Taken with a 3-4 second exposure to capture the ember trails as Scott stoked the fire.