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There are certain places on this great planet of ours that does something wonderful for for my soul, my heart and my mind. You may also know when you’ve arrived to such a place too because every cell in your body is aware and you have such a full feeling in your chest and your face is parted by a huge, wide smile.

I had read about Salt Point State Park and Gerstle Cove Campground in a camping book last year and after doing a little of my own research I thought, “We Neeeeeed to go there!” So after camping with friends at Dillon Beach we took the opportunity to continue North, up the Coastal Highway, passing by Jenner and Fort Ross till we arrived at our destination.

When we arrived the kids cheered, I hopped out of the truck and took a big whiff of the salt air laced with the fresh scent of wild flowers and Douglas Furs. Rich took a long look out West, past the bluff we now called home for the next couple of days, and said that he couldn’t believe that a place like this even existed. Over the years Rich and I have travelled and explored most of the US, including Alaska, Hawaii, have been to a few other countries, but the beauty of California’s diverse and breathtaking landscapes always keeps us close to home and our short list of places that never cease to amaze has now grown by one.

So if you decide to check out Gerstle Cove Campground or her equally beautiful sister campground, Woodside Campground, tell Jacque, the very enthusiastic, and sweet, campground ranger,  hello for us and that we will be back soon.

Space #19 has a great view of the ocean and is only a any easy .3 mile hike to the visitors center and Gerstle cove.

Gerstle Cove (click the photo above for an enhanced view) is an awesome tide pool area, state run underwater park for skin divers and scuba divers, and the visitors center has free adventure packs you can check out with a drivers license and contains games and learning materials focusing on the local flora and fauna and is appropriate for school age children. There’s also historical significants associated with Gerstle Cove that adults might find interesting too!

Some of the fun things to discover at the tide pools:

Back at our camp there is lots of wild life.

Gerstle Cove Campground fills up every Friday and remains full through the weekend (and holidays) so reservations are a must. Monday through Thursday is pretty quiet and only gets about half full so you can actually just show up and you will be fine – This is what Ranger Jacque has told me. Same goes for the Woodside Campground on the East side of Highway 1. We were extremely happy camper during our visit!