Thanks to my friend Corey, who owns the most amazing boutique downtown, French Cuff Consignment, I have had the urge to travel, particularly to France.  Actually, I have had a whole European tour mapped out and planned for the last 8 years (thanks to Rick Steves), but lately I have focused my curiosity on France. In my research I have come across a wonderful event that occurs there, and some other European cities do this as well. It’s called “Diner en Blanc,” it happens once a year and you have to know someone who has already been to one to get an invitation.  No one knows where it will happen and you don’t find out until 15 minutes before it starts. Once you get the invite you have to bring your own plate, utensils, food, and libations, and head over to a predesignated location, described in your invite, where a particular bus takes you and others to the White Dinner picnic.  Check out some amazing photos from past White Dinners:

photo by Baltasortl off Flickr

photo by Julien Hainault off Flickr

photo by Artie* from Flickr

photo by Carams France from Flickr

photo by Artie* from Flickr

So now I’m planning my version of a “white dinner” party. Anyone interested in being on the invite list?  “Like” this post and I’ll add your name to the guest list!