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So the kids have been practicing on the little 50cc with an adult rider on board but the “executive” decision had been made to let them ride solo this time. They rode in a grassy area in the event someone should fall and rode only in first gear. Erik took off first and quickly found his balance and learned to maneuver, took sharp turns and started leaning the bike over a bit, giving me a heart attack every time he tried something new.  Julia in her usual style hopped on and nearly did a wheely as she took off,  her dad of course chuckling and giving me a quick smile. I was not smiling.  She held the throttle wide open the entire time, and I could see her looking down often at her feet, contemplating shifting gears into 2nd and 3rd just as we warned her NOT to do. But my motherly anxiety was for not and everyone had a great time, without injury, and now we can’t wait to take them out to the dirt now that they’ve got the hang of it.