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Last Sunday I was the event photographer for the Bark For Your Heart 5k which raised money for the Banfield Pet Hospital Charitable Fund. I am not an established photographer or a serious professional so this was another one of those learning experiences for me. I use my camera in manual mode pretty much all of the time, but during this event with the light constantly changing and a couple hundred people quickly moving around me I dipped my toes into the priority mode waters and used the aperture priority setting. I thought it worked great and so I might be trying it now in new situations with the thought that I should probably learn to understand the pros and cons of this mode of shooting. My friend Kim who was part of the planning committee for this event asked me to volunteer my time and photograph this event. I was totally excited and quickly said, “Yes!” I am always looking to learn more and to gain more experience! Sunday turned out to be a beautiful day and all the wonderful dog owner and their dogs were so much fun to photograph. As you will see from the photos below some dogs have so much personality!