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From the age of 12 to about 15 I shoveled manure and cleaned my neighbors stalls in exchange for riding lessons and the use of their horses. I still love horses now, but luckily I don’t have to care for one in order to enjoy them. My friend Lauren lets us come and hang out with her at her barn whenever we want.

So now like me, or any other young girl that I have ever know for that matter, Julia has an affinity for pretty horses.  A couple weeks ago Julia and I headed over  to Lauren’s place where we hung out with Lauren, Duke, Oreo, and Buddy.  And while Julia loved being in a field with young, rambunctious horses stomping, kicking and running about us,  I just clicked away as usual, hoping to capture the spirit of these wonderful beasts.

Duke Chowing Down

Oreo just kept running, and running…..

Buddy in the barn

Julia and Buddy sharing a clean horse jokes

Julia Riding Buddy in the arena

Duke and Oreo


Lauren and Duke