I’d say that over the past few months I have had some major light bulb moments when it comes to learning how to use a camera. Last weekend I attended a portraiture workshop at Sierra College. Photographers brought models and  the instructor provided backdrops, tripods, lighting, reflectors and the venue. It was great! What I learned while there was how to use a gray card (I know! Very basic and fundamental right?), how to set a custom white balance (using the gray card), that I prefer to shoot with camera in hand and not on a tripod, I have a good sense of light and prefer to shoot with natural light, and that I need to work on giving direction with confidence.

But, aside from all the technicalities, I had a really fun time with Rich, my handsome and hilarious model/better half, I reaffirmed my love of photography, and laughed so hard at times I had to sit down. Now, I can’t wait to do it again this coming weekend. Here are a few of my images from the photoshoot.  🙂

Eat your heart out Annie Leibovitz! (yeah, right! I know, sorry…)

My instructor did not know I caught her as I did a gray card reading!