So I had two of them. One for my art and design class and the other for my b&w film photography class. Here is what I turned in for each:

During the critique my instructor said that he was pleased with the image. He said that it allowed the observer to create their own story which makes the image interesting. I also got great positive feedback from my peers which was encouraging. 🙂 This photo was taken with my Nikon F100, Kodak TX – ISo 400,  35mm, b&w film and printed on Ilford multigrain RC 8×10 paper.

This is the DVD design that I came up with for my digital art and design class. We were given the DVD template and the rest was up to us. I chose to create a children’s DVD called , “Little Bird Goes to the Big City.” I made everything you see in Adobe Illustrator. This was a really fun project for me and I became familiar with new tools, including the 3D effects options in order to make the wedding cake in the bakery window. My teacher said that she was impressed with my work and thought I was ready for the advanced course! Hopefully that means I’m getting an A! We’ll see next week….