Your digital camera, no matter how sophisticated, cannot see or process colors and contrast to the extent and exact accuracy that your eye can. No matter how great the sensor or processor is your eyes and brain will always be better. That’s where HDR, a post processing technique comes in. HDR stands for high dynamic range (imaging). With HDR post processing techniques you can create an image that closely resembled what your eye sees and can evoke those same inspired feelings that made you want to capture the image in the first place. If you want to learn what HDR imaging is Wikipedia has a great explanation of it here. Another great site I found was The author has a great section with awesome examples of HDR images and an HDR tutorial here. Although I made my HDR images before discovering this tutorial, I certainly will be trying it again, and again, using those techniques. Below are photos of my first attempts at HDR.

iPhone picture of my table top setup.